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Perks » 

  • Reserved Join Slot
  • Warped Prefix in chat, Tab and Discord
  • Ability to use color codes on signs
  • White, Yellow, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Gold, Dark Turquoise and  Purple Chat Colors (/chatcolor) 
  • Permanent night vision with /nightvision
  • Ability to use Colors in an Anvil
  • /Craft Command
  • 5000 Claim Blocks upon purchase
  • /itf toggle command to toggle Invisible item frames on and off 
  • Allows for 3 PlayerParticles particles at the same time!
  • 8 Homes
  • Access to 5 medium-sized vaults
  • Gives you a Sellwand with 50 Uses (Breaks after running out of uses!)

Player Particles » 

     About Player Particles»

  • Player Particles is accessed through the /pp command in-game. You can select a particle, as for example flame, and a style as for example halo. This would end up looking like this. You can select any particle with any style, this allows for an insane amount of individual combinations you can try out. In addition to that some particles have additional data-values, as for example dust where you can set up the color just to your liking, or turn it into a rainbow colored transition like this. (Particle: Dust, Style: Orbit, Data: Rainbow)

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